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How is Your Landscape Lighting System Performance?

outdoor lighting design assessmentOutdoor lighting is not a new idea. Line-voltage, low-voltage, Halogen, and now LED, for decades outdoor lighting has been a masterful way to illuminate homes and businesses for nighttime functionality and safety.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, we don’t just work on our own systems. If you have a system so old you don’t even know where the switch is, or one that simply looks out-dated, we can help you. While our expertise allows us to come in and assess a lighting system and recommend repairs and updates, we have developed a scoring system to make the process consistent and easy to understand. And it is FREE!!!

Lighting Assessment Score (LAS)

Our lighting assessment score gives our certified lighting technicians a checklist to follow so they can easily assess and provide documentation of how your outdoor lighting system is performing. The resulting LAS score gives you a full understanding of our recommendations for urgently needed repairs, design recommendations, and any performance concerns they may come across.

Your LAS is completely complimentary, no-obligation, no high-pressure sales. We want you to have a lighting system that looks as good today as it did on day one — or even better.

If you have an aging outdoor lighting system that could use a refresh or maybe it’s just been a few years since your system was serviced, call today to schedule your complimentary Lighting Assessment. 281-672-8943

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