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Houston Professional Holiday Lighting Design & Installation Puts the Joy Back in Your Home and Family’s Christmas Festivities

Yes, you want a festive Christmas display at your home. But do you really want to untangle the lights, climb the ladder and then do it all again in January?

residential Christmas lighting companyNo matter how much you love the holiday season, everyone has a few necessary tasks or events they are less than thrilled about. From shopping to traveling and decorating for the holidays, it can be a strain on the schedule. Hiring professionals to install your residential Christmas lighting is a great way to take one big task off your holiday to-do list.

Take back two weekends of your life with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands’ full-service professional holiday lighting.

Own a business? Check out our commercial holiday lighting services.

Houston’s Turn-Key Christmas Lighting Service

What does “turn-key Christmas lighting service” mean?

outdoor holiday decorIt means we do it ALL! You don’t have to buy lights, climb ladders, install a thing or take a thing down. You don’t even have to store your lighting and decor in the off-season. We take care of it for you!

When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands for your residential Christmas lighting and outdoor decor you get:

  1. Expert holiday lighting design
  2. Commercial-grade LED lights
  3. Picture-perfect Christmas light installation
  4. Season-long service (if a bulb goes out, call us!)
  5. Prompt post-holiday take-down
  6. Secure storage until next year

Who Should Hire the Professionals for Holiday Lighting Installation?

save time with professional holiday lighting servicesNo one is discluded from utilizing our holiday lighting services. Who couldn’t use more time for other things? But, we do have a few popular reasons why homeowners choose to delegate the task to us.

  • Afraid of heights? Skip the ladder climbing and let us do it.
  • Busy fall schedule? Football weekends, children’s sports, busy season at work – no matter why your fall is the busiest time of year, we can take care of one thing for you.
  • Last year went terribly wrong? Mismatched lights? Burnt-out bulbs? Too-short or too-long strand of lights? Missing clips? That string you never did get untangled? Five trips to the big-box store? The design turned out badly? If you’ve had a bad experience creating an at-home holiday display, you may be ready to take a break and let someone else handle it.
  • Just dislike doing it? If you’d rather NOT do it yourself, there is no better reason than to hire the pros so your weekend can be spent doing what you enjoy!

What Types of Christmas Lighting and Decor Do We Offer?

With our long-standing connections in the outdoor lighting world, we have an extensive list of options for your Christmas lighting and outdoor decor. The most popular items we install include LED C9 roofline lights, LED mini-lights for tree and shrub wraps, wreaths for windows and doors, and gorgeous green swag for porch railings and posts.

Christmas Lighting Company

If you’re ready to be the envy of the neighborhood this holiday season without any of the hassles of untangling lights, climbing ladders, and figuring out extension cords, call us today for your free design consultation. Don’t Wait! We fill up our holiday schedule in September, if you wait, we might not have availability. Call Now! 281-672-8943

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