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6 Wonderful Reasons to Install Landscape Lighting in Houston During the Winter Months

Houston outdoor living lightingSpringtime is typically a busy time for outdoor chores. It’s time to clean up the yard, touch up the mulch, and get your lawn in order. You may even be considering a larger project, such as an outdoor addition or renovation, which can take a considerable amount of time and planning.

But, if you’re considering landscape lighting for your property this year, we have good news. The winter months are actually the best time of year to install landscape lighting in the Houston area. Not only is the climate conducive to the installation process, but you can enjoy beautiful landscape lighting all year round.

Here are six great reasons to install Houston landscape lighting this winter:

Make the Most of the Winter Darkness with Upscale Landscape Lighting

Although the weather is pleasant during the winter months in Houston, the days are shorter. Just as you return home in the evening, the light disappears. Your family spends their evening inside because no one wants to hang around in the dark. With custom landscape lighting, you’re no longer limited by the darkness. In fact, you can actually utilize landscape lighting more in the winter than at any other time of year.

Dine Al Fresco Year-Round

Do your outdoor kitchen and dining area essentially go unused during the winter months? If so, you’re not only missing out on wonderful experiences, you’re not utilizing your outdoor investment for a good part of the year. By installing landscape lighting, you can see exactly what you’re doing when you prepare a meal outdoors. You’re also keeping food odors out of the house and making cleanups a snap.

Of course, dinner is a wonderful time to come together, and there’s nothing better than eating a meal outside in the fresh air. Picture your family dining al fresco under the soft lighting on your beautiful patio. The ambiance is luxurious, and the beauty of your gorgeous property surrounds you. Family time doesn’t get much better!

lighting for outdoor dining

Entertain Outdoors During the Holidays

You love to entertain and celebrate with family and friends over the holidays. Instead of crowding everyone inside your home, why not move the party outdoors? With custom landscape lighting, you have the flexibility to entertain outdoors during the evening hours. The subtle illumination creates an atmosphere that’s both warm and inviting, and your guests will relish in the beauty of your landscape from the moment they arrive.

Enjoy Spectacular Views with Houston Landscape Lighting

You don’t need to wait for the warmest months of the year to enjoy the gorgeous views of your landscape during the evening hours. By installing upscale landscape lighting this winter, you can transform your property into a nighttime work of art for everyone to enjoy year-round. Imagine relaxing outdoors after a long day, taking in the glorious effects of upscale landscape lighting. The combination of softly lit pathways, lovely plantings, and majestic trees is simply exquisite. Your surroundings are so beautiful and peaceful. They take your breath away.

Houston Outdoor Lighting

Create a Beautiful Curb Appeal This Winter

You take pride in your home and landscape, and, regardless of the season, you want your property to look beautiful. As we head into the winter months, the flowers and the greenery have disappeared, and your landscape is looking a little bare. With designer landscape lighting, you can create a spectacular curb appeal for friends, neighbors, and passersby to enjoy. By strategically placing low-voltage lighting fixtures throughout your property, we can highlight your beautiful shrubbery and majestic trees, uplight the façade of your home, and accentuate the unique features of your property. The results will be absolutely stunning.

Schedule a Landscape Lighting Installation at Your Convenience

In the spring, people are scrambling to prepare for the warmer weather and have outdoor lighting on their minds. As you would expect, we are very, very busy during the spring. It’s to your advantage to schedule your Houston landscape lighting installation during the winter months to avoid lead times and the stress of planning outdoor celebrations. By scheduling a winter installation, the process will be a breeze, and you’ll be ahead of the game when the spring rush begins!

If you want to enjoy every minute of your winter evenings outdoors, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands a call 281-672-8943 to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.

Professional Houston Landscape Lighting Will Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

If you’ve ever had a notion to keep up with the Joneses, you’ve probably also had the notion of being the Joneses. With professionally designed and installed landscape lighting you will set the new standard for nighttime curb appeal in your neighborhood.

If you’ve gotten this far, you have most definitely given landscape lighting a thought or two. And when you think of landscape lighting, you likely think about illuminating your sidewalk with path lights, your trees, and home with uplights, and maybe even a favorite statue or fountain. What you may not consider, is HOW you light those items. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, you’ll enjoy a customized lighting design by our experts, using installation techniques that you may have never dreamed of.

Designer Landscape Lighting Techniques

The techniques involved in creating a professional landscape lighting scene vs. a DIY landscape lighting scene are plentiful. And when compared side-by-side, an untrained eye may not be able to say what the specific difference is, but everyone will SEE the difference. Check out the ways we create depth, texture, and beauty in our dynamic landscape lighting installation:


Adding silhouettes to your nighttime landscape creates an enchanted feeling. We add lighting behind items, such as privacy screens, vegetation, and fencing to create a glow around the edges.

Illuminating from behind adds interest and intrigue.


Downlighting is a great way to illuminate a large space. A subtle twist on downlighting, moonlighting strategically uses a tree to mount the light in question. Our experts choose the perfect temperature and wash to shine the light down through the tree branches over the space below. The resulting effect mimics that of a full moon. The tree creates gorgeous shadows dancing over your landscape or outdoor living areas for magic moments you’ll always cherish.

Like a full moon shining through the branches gorgeous shadows add magic to this landscape.


Uplights can create a variety of magnificent effects on your landscape – installation and placement can change everything. For instance, we achieve what is known as “grazing” when we position a light close to a vertical structure. Rather than focus light directly on the object, we shine the light up, slightly touching the structure itself. The texture of the surface, whether tree bark, brick, siding, stonework or otherwise becomes the star of the show.

Stunning stonework is a perfect opportunity for the grazing technique.


Your favorite landscape accessories and features should also be the center of your landscape lighting design. To draw attention to that item at night, we shine a light directly on it with just the right temperature from the perfect angle.

Fountains, statues, trees, and flowers, focal lighting shines the light on your favorite features.


Adding dimension to a nighttime scene can be hard. Without the right touch, even with landscape lighting, a property can look flat at night. One of the techniques we use to add depth to your landscape is cross lighting. Cross lighting is when we use multiple focal lights, shining them on a single object from various strategic angles. That object now becomes three-dimensional again and your property comes to life!

Three spotlights on these majestic trees add instant depth to the landscape.

If you’re ready to have cars slowing to a crawl to look at your stunning home at night, and neighbors walking their dog more regularly after dark just to get an extra peek, give us a call. We offer a FREE at-home nighttime demonstration, with no pressure, so you can see how professional landscape lighting can transform your property. Schedule yours today! 281-672-8943

Customized Pearland Landscape Lighting System Installation Transforms Home from Wow to WOW!!

Southwyck, Texas home impresses passersby with subtle illumination to highlight its gorgeous curb appeal for nighttime enjoyment.

We recently had the pleasure of illuminating a stunning home in the Southwyck neighborhood in Pearland, Texas. The stunning stucco home features a charming southwest design and is situated on the neighborhood lake, but was hidden under the cover of night after sunset. The homeowners asked us to illuminate the home and landscape out front, the side of the home and walkway leading around the property, the backyard tree, and the pool equipment area.

Southwyck exterior home lighting

Our landscape lighting team went straight to work, creating a customized outdoor lighting system to meet their unique requirements and complement their specific landscape and home.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and the Woodlands, we take the time to really understand how our clients use their outdoor spaces to provide precise lighting recommendations.

LED Landscape Lighting System Breathes Nighttime Life into Charming Southwyck Home

A home this charming deserves to be seen at night. To heighten nighttime curb appeal, we illuminated the front facade with brass uplights. To maximize the beautiful effect, we placed the lights on brass risers to avoid shadow from their lush shrubbery and landscape. The difference is astounding as the charming stucco, gorgeous windows, and moldings are now softly accented.

Pearland exterior home lighting

Just beyond their gate, we installed a downlight to illuminate the previously dark corner.

As you venture around to their gorgeous backyard overlooking the lake, the four brass path lights will guide you safely to the outdoor living areas with sure footing and subtle illumination. Path lights are versatile for highlighting gorgeous landscaping and walkways simultaneously.

The singular tree in the backyard provides gorgeous depth to the landscape and appreciated shade during warm days. By using an uplight as focal lighting shining up into the height of the tree, the homeowners can enjoy their tree’s majesty both day and night.

Our landscape lighting systems are not just a pretty face but provide extraordinary functions as well. For these Pearland homeowners, we added a custom downlight on a switch for visibility in their pool utility area. We also converted their gas post lamp light to LED with frosted glass.

customized outdoor task lightingWith the addition of twenty-six landscape lights, this Pearland home is a point of light in an otherwise dark neighborhood. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, we are eager to help you enhance your home’s beauty and functionality at night. Call us today to schedule a FREE at-home nighttime lighting demonstration to see how a new outdoor lighting system can transform your property. 281-672-8943

Houston’s Best Choice for Outdoor Lighting Smart Controllers and Smart Landscape Lighting Systems

Your favorite ‘80s and ‘90s movies featured smart home systems in the homes of uber-wealthy characters. But thanks to home assistants and technological innovations, smart homes are easy and for everyone. Start today with a smart outdoor lighting system.

Just imagine, whether you are home or away you can easily control your Houston or Woodlands outdoor lighting and landscape lighting through the touch of a button on your smartphone or a “Hey Google” “Hey Alexa” from across the room.

There are many benefits to setting up a smart outdoor lighting system.

Security comes to the top of mind. When you are away, you can easily make it look like you are home. From anywhere!

But, honestly, convenience is really the most popular reason. Imagine, you’re enjoying an evening soak in the hot tub, and before you know it, the sun is setting, but you aren’t ready to move. Well, now you don’t have to. Simply grab your smartphone or holler at Alexa, and the lights are on for keeping the tranquil mood.

smart outdoor lighting controller pool lighting

Or maybe you are entertaining on your deck or patio. As the sun sets and the conversation is just getting good, you can flip the deck lights on without missing a beat or moving your feet.

Smart Outdoor Lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands

smart landscape lighting for easy navigation on your propertyWe are proud to offer a variety of smart lighting options through multiple popular control brands. While we certainly have our favorites, we know many of you have already added smart home features elsewhere on your property. It is important to us that you get the perfect smart set-up for your home, and using the system you have in place is the best way to go.

Redwoods Connect

With our Redwoods Connect Wifi plug, we can connect your outdoor lighting system to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This gives you the option to turn lights on and off with your home assistant or the related smartphone apps. The plug also allows customized schedules to meet your everyday needs.


Have you implemented Lutron lighting controls in other areas of your home? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on Lutron and that is your preferred system? We can help! Lutron offers fantastic solutions for smart landscape lighting controls. Lutron’s landscape lighting controls work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.


We also can install Control4 landscape lighting automation to integrate with your whole home automation system. Control4 is known for its ability to control everything in your house from security to Wi-Fi, lighting, and entertainment. It features voice control, a smartphone app, and a universal remote. Control4 integrates well with all your favorite home brands like Roku, Apple TV, LG, Samsung, Honeywell and more.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we always create customized solutions for each individual client. Our customization doesn’t stop at our lighting design but encompasses everything we do. When it comes to the technology you prefer for managing your landscape lighting system, we want you to have what you want. If you have a different smart home system in place or in mind, call us – chances are, we can make it work too!

If you’re ready for a smart landscape lighting system, call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration or design consultation. We look forward to working with you. 281-672-8943

A Well-Lit Home Can Keep You and Your Property Safe

A Well-Lit Home Can Keep You and Your Property Safe

You come home and it’s dark. You can’t really see what awaits you once you get out of the car, and that can be a frightening thought. Perhaps you are alone, or you are concerned for your young children. Maybe you are elderly and need to take your time getting into the house.

What about the groceries in the backseat or in the trunk? Sure you could leave the car door ajar, but that will only cast shadows where you need to go. You could leave the car headlights on, but that only spotlights your location and provides shadow for others to conceal themselves. 

There’s no way getting around it — coming home to a dark home is scary, and it’s not safe. If you’re concerned about the safety of you and your family, it’s time to install an outdoor lighting system and put your mind at ease.

Increased Safety and Security 

Outdoor lighting usually serves two purposes of functionality: safety and security. You need it to see where you are going and to detect unexpected obstacles that may lie in your path. You also need to be aware of unexpected activity on your property.

Lighting up the driveway will make it easier for you to park your car. Do you have a walkway? If so, you can illuminate it to help ensure the safety of your guests. Do you have a lot of shrubbery against the house or trees in your yard? Illuminating those dark places can make you feel more comfortable about coming home at night. 

A Touch of Beauty

The main reason to add outdoor lighting to your home is to boost your security and keep you safe, but there is an unintentional benefit of adding beauty to your landscape. 

If you’re going to install outdoor lighting, you may as well take full advantage of the many options out there and choose something that complements your landscape. Landscape lighting can beautify and enhance your yard’s natural features while providing that safety and security that you want.

 Illuminating dark places in your yard can make you feel more comfortable about coming home at night.

Lighting illuminates for better sight, but it also contributes to perspective. How do you want your outdoor space to look? How should it make you feel? Outdoor lighting can completely change the way you and others see your yard.

Path lighting is always a good idea, and there is more to it than just sticking lights into the ground. Let the lighting speak to the personality of your space. Strategic placing of outdoor lighting can make the difference between spotlight and showcase for the same amount of money. 

Choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is an expert at architectural lighting. Our staff knows exactly what type of lights will best accent your home’s singular attributes, such as outdoor pools, patios, decks, carports, and gardens. If you already have outdoor lighting on your property, we can work with you to upgrade it.

Whatever your lighting needs may be, you simply can’t go wrong with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.  Plus, every new installation comes with a free one-year maintenance plan.

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting System

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting System

Investing in an outdoor lighting system can benefit your home in many ways. It can make it safer for you and your loved ones to get around after dark, it can make your home more secure by deterring criminal activity, and it can even enhance the look of your yard. Regardless of why you installed an outdoor lighting system, you’ll only benefit from it if it’s working. Don’t forget that your lighting system will eventually need some maintenance to keep it running. 

The Importance of Maintenance

If it’s been longer than six months since your last service, it’s time to put in a maintenance request for your outdoor lighting system. You should have your system checked out at least once, if not twice, each year to ensure everything is in working order. This is especially important if you installed your outdoor lighting system for security purposes. The last thing you want is for your timers to be out of sync and bulbs burnt out, because that could mean showing up to a dark house after work, creating a security risk for you and your loved ones. It can also be a safety risk. If you have trouble getting around for any reason, whether you’re elderly or have a broken leg, a lack of lighting could put you at bigger risk of tripping and falling on your way into your home. 

What to Look For

Do you notice that some lights are burnt out? Have some of the lamps fallen out of place? Are the lights coming on at the wrong time of day? All of these things can pose security and safety risks and should be addressed. Make sure you walk around the property to look for system damage, making notes of anything that looks off. You should also perform a full system testing to double check everything, as there is sometimes damage there that you cannot see with your eyes.

When you purchase a lighting system with us, we offer you one year of free maintenance.

Common Outdoor Lighting Problems

Your lighting system isn’t immune to problems. Generally, there are four main issues that cause the majority of lighting problems: 

1. Burned out bulbs. Most lighting systems use incandescent and halogen bulbs. These light bulbs are typically balanced to operate between 10.5 and 11.5 volts. As you can see, there’s not much wiggle room there. When a lamp burns out, it can send too much voltage to the remaining bulbs in the system, which can cause them to burn out prematurely. 

2. Faulty connections. Sometimes the connections keeping your system up and running get a little loose. In most cases, this is due to water gets in the connection and causes it to short circuit. It could also be that someone made a bad connection when they installed your system.

3. Corrosion. Over time, corrosion does occur. Typically the first place to start corroding is the socket where the lamp is installed. You can also get corrosion in the wiring from rainwater. 

4. Fire ants. If you live in the south, you know fire ants can be a real pain to deal with. These pesky ants have been found to get into sealed fixtures, fill transformers and lighting fixtures, and even establish their mounds over lighting fixtures. 

How Can Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Help?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’re all about providing you with worry-free maintenance. When you purchase a lighting system with us, we offer you one year of free maintenance. That means you won’t have to adjust a single fixture or replace a single light bulb. After the first year, you can continue to kick back and relax by enrolling in our Annual Maintenance Plan. This is the most comprehensive protection plan of its kind. Our Annual Maintenance Plan covers: 

  • Fixtures: We’ll review the position of your fixtures and straighten them as needed.
  • Bulbs: Any bulbs that need to be replaced or switched out will be taken care of.
  • Timers: Our staff will check and reset your timers.
  • Wires: We will repair damaged wires and bury any that have surfaced.
  • Connections: Transformers, connections and voltage levels will all be checked.
  • Landscaping: Have landscaping that is obstructing your lights? We’ll trim them for you. 
  • Warranty: The plan comes with extended warranty coverage on your system.
  • Priority service: When you need us, we’re there. We provided priority responsible and repairs at no extra cost to you.

If you’re ready to install an outdoor lighting system, give us a call. Our outdoor and landscape lighting systems add beauty and harmony to your home and outdoor living spaces. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive, custom plan to suit you and your home’s needs. 

You Should Rely on Professionals to Install Outdoor Lighting

You Should Rely on Professionals to install Outdoor Lighting

If you are an avid DIY homeowner considering an outdoor lighting project, no doubt you’ve considered tackling this project yourself. You’ve seen buildings and landscaping tastefully illuminated and wonder, "How hard can it be?" Plus, you’ve accomplished plenty of other DIY projects for the house. It probably seems like a no-brainer to you. 

Although it may seem easy in theory, there is a lot more that goes into lighting installations than you might think. Before you launch into your project, take these into account first.

Design Plan

Setting up the fixtures seems simple enough, right? You determine what you want to be illuminated and point the lights at it. Whoa there, cowboy. 

Do you know exactly how much or little light to shine on your home’s best features? Do you want an even glow or a bright flood light on any particular item? Do you want to gently illuminate an entire façade or create a striped effect? 

Do you have an idea of which type of fixture produces the lighting you want to achieve? You prefer not to be seen from space but you also prefer not to invite passing children to pitch rocks at the presumed "haunted house," either. It takes an experienced eye to brighten the area gracefully.

This is one of those areas where it really helps to have a professional on your side. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer a free custom outdoor lighting plan before you make your decision. That way you know what things are going to look like before you buy. We can help you develop a sensible design according to your unique property features and lighting goal.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer a free custom outdoor lighting plan before you make your decision. We can help you develop a sensible design according to your unique property features and lighting goal.

Electricity and Permit Requirements

If your project involves more than a few solar lights along pathways, you’ll probably need to run wires. It goes without saying that electrical work is best handled by licensed professionals. 

In addition to knowledge and experience, they’ll also have the full scoop on local codes and permitting requirements. A one-time outdoor lighting project is not the best time to start learning the ins and outs of codes, permit requirements and wiring for weather and watering events.

Quality of Fixtures

Something the hardware stores likely won’t tell you about outdoor light fixtures is that only professional companies have access to the truly sturdy, long-lasting stuff. Although you can find top-of-the-line retail products at the home improvement outlets, none of them have the quality that will reliably light your home and landscaping for decades to come.

Warranty and Maintenance

If something goes awry in your system, will you be able to fix it? With a professional outdoor lighting company, your system will have a warranty plan in case some element of the system fails. A good company will present maintenance options, as well. In fact, right now, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands is offering free maintenance for one year on all new installations.

Finally, if you get deep into your project and realize you may have bitten off more than you could chew; or if you finish but the end results are nowhere near what you had hoped for, you may end up having to call in professional help, after all. No one could fault you for trying, but producing great lighting effects on your home and landscaping is no small feat for someone whose training and experience lie elsewhere.

If you honestly aren’t sure if this is a job you should take on, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands a call. 281-672-8943 We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss your outdoor lighting goals!


Making the Switch to LED Lights Has Many Benefits

Making the Switch to LED Lights Has Many Benefits

LED, light emitting diodes, are slowly taking over as the most popular form of lighting for both homes and commercial buildings. LEDs are solid, small light bulbs that provide a wide range of benefits, including their energy efficiency, which can help you save money on the electric bill. LED lights can be used anywhere that a standard light bulb can be used. Here are 5 benefits you can expect when using LED light bulbs.


There is nothing worse than getting a burn from unscrewing a hot light bulb. LED lights do not produce heat, so they stay cool to the touch, making them much safer to handle the installation.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

If you like saving money, LEDs are an ideal solution for saving money on your monthly electric bill. Compared to standard lighting, LEDs use about 75 percent less energy than standard lighting and they typically last about 25 times longer than a standard light bulb. 

A standard 50W halogen lamp uses approximately 90 percent of electricity to produce only about 10 percent of light. LED lights use only 15 percent of the energy a standard halogen bulb uses and provides 85 percent of the light output. This means the heat produced is significantly less than a halogen bulb, which can also help reduce the cost of air conditioning. 

LED bulbs do not contain mercury or other harmful gases, nor do they emit harmful UV rays, making them environmentally friendly.

LED lights use about 75 percent less energy than standard lighting and they typically last about 25 times longer than a standard light bulb.

Operational in Any Temperature

Traditional lights often have difficulty functioning in severe temperature changes. Depending on the how extreme the weather is, standard lights may also dim or deteriorate more quickly. LED lights are functional at any temperature, so they are ideal for both winter and summer outdoor events.

Durable and Long Life Span

LED lights do not contain filaments, which allows them to withstand a greater intensity of shock and vibration than standard lights. This results in a lessened risk of breakage and a reduction in the number of times you’ll need to replace them. LEDs have an extremely long lifespan, approximately 80,000 hours to be exact, which means you will not have to replace them as often as standard bulbs, saving you money and time.

One of the most popular features of LED lights is that they available in a vast array of colors. Unlike fluorescent and standard bulbs, with LEDs, you do not have to use several different filters to get different colors. Most lighting sources also scatter light in several directions, which causes unwanted effects or over-illumination. LEDs are directional, but they only shine up or down, which helps reduce light pollution. Light pollution can disturb natural animal and plant ecosystem cycles, as well as have an adverse effect on humans from an excessive exposure to artificial light.

If you are ready to make the switch from standard lighting and experience the benefits of LED lighting, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands! Every new install comes with a free year of maintenance. 281-672-8943

5 Landscape Lighting Trends that Will Enhance Your Home

5 Landscape Lighting Trends that Will Enhance Your Home

Landscape lighting is a very important component of your home’s overall appearance. Today,  just as much attention should be given to a home’s outdoor space as it has to the inside. Our decks, patios and entryways have become extensions of our lifestyles and used more and more for entertaining and personal enjoyment. 

That enjoyment shouldn’t have to end at night and with all the fabulous  products available on the market it doesn’t have to. Let’s light up our outdoor space with beautiful, on trend outdoor lighting that will enhance the look of our property and increase the safety and security around us!

Whether you want to update your existing landscape lighting or start from square one, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands can make it happen for you. We will help you develop a professional, custom plan for your home’s exterior lighting. Here are five outdoor lighting trends to consider for your home.

1. LED Lighting

LED lights are available in all shapes, sizes, brightness and colors, making them a versatile option for your landscape lighting. They also offer style, safety, convenience and energy savings. 

Some LED lights are designed specifically for outdoor spaces so they are perfect for adding near steps and walkways or mounted onto decks, fences and even trees. Whether you want to make a bold statement with beautiful fixtures or choose to install the lights in the ground so the fixtures are virtually invisible, the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands know how to get the job done.

2. Hidden Security Lighting

Gone are the days of big, bright, blinding flood lights mounted to your home. Fixtures that are smaller and can be hidden within your landscape on stairs, columns and along walkways are just as effective as yesterday’s flood lights. Plus, they are much more attractive. Today’s outdoor security lighting offers beauty and security at the same time.

The sky is the limit when it comes to artisan outdoor lighting. String lighting, pendant and orb fixtures, colored chinese lanterns, oversized floor lamps and even lighted stones are available to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind outdoor space.

3. Automated Lighting 

Controlling your outdoor lighting is right at your fingertips with smartphone technology. Many wireless apps offer timers so you can schedule when to turn your landscape lighting on and off. You can also manually turn the lights on and off when you are away from home, which is an added security feature.

4. Lighted Water Features

Water fountains and water features add beautiful and special touches to an outdoor space. A perfectly placed spotlight can cast a beautiful glow onto a water feature. You also could place waterproof lights inside a fountain, which provides a dramatic look like no other. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston can show you how to properly install lights to showcase your beautiful water features.

5. Artisan Lighting

The sky is the limit when it comes to artisan outdoor lighting. String lighting, pendant and orb fixtures, colored Chinese lanterns, oversized floor lamps and even lighted stones are available to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind outdoor space.

As you can see, there are many options to creating an outdoor space that is perfectly lit and fits your lifestyle. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston for your free custom outdoor lighting design and let us show you how beautiful your outdoor living space can be with landscape lighting!


Path Lighting Will Brighten Any Landscape

path Lighting Will Brighten Any Landscape

Showcasing your gorgeous landscaped property day and night is easy with outdoor lighting. You’ve probably invested an impressive amount of time and money designing your outdoor space, so adding lighting is the next step to enjoying it whenever you like! 

Path lighting is a great place to start because not only does it add an ambient touch, it makes your property safer for your guests and family by letting you walk through your landscape safely.

Here are four things you need to know about path lighting. 

LED vs. Solar vs. Electric

When it comes to path lighting, one of the first decisions you will need to make is what type of lighting fixture works best for your landscape. There are many types and designs of lights available, so selecting the type that fits your style, budget and geographic location is key. 

For example, if your home is surrounded by shade, solar lights might not be the best choice for you. The staff at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands can offer professional advice for this step if you’re not sure which source is best for your particular yard.

Balance is the Key

Path lighting is designed to light up areas such as walkways, stairways and other paths. Not all outdoor light fixtures will be efficient for path lighting or wayfinding. You’ll want to offset the lights or stagger them on either side of the walkway so there is always balance along the way. Add some ambient lighting in the flower beds to offer dimension to create a nice glow near the path. 

People have a tendency to add too many light fixtures or too bright of fixtures to their outdoor lighting. Keep the lighting low and subtle.

Avoid Over Lighting

People have a tendency to add too many light fixtures or too bright of fixtures to their outdoor lighting. This is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help. Things you want to avoid when installing path lights: 

  • Placing lights too closely together
  • Using too bright of fixtures
  • Installing the lights too high

The last thing you want is to create a bright, runway effect that shines up into your guests’ eyes or creates annoying glare. Keep the lighting low and subtle.

Path Lighting Design

This is where the fun begins! The market has many options when it comes to path lights. Does it make more sense to install lights onto steps, lanterns, pillars and posts? Or should you use recessed or paver lights that are installed in the edges of the walkway pavers? Do you want a subtle look or make a bold statement?

We work closely with homeowners to design a look that fits their budget and their style. In fact, we offer a free design consultation so you can see what the final result would look like before we ever start working. That way there are no surprises and no unsatisfied customers. 

For more information and tips on lighting your landscape, whether it is throughout the entire property or just for a pathway, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands. We have the experience you need to light up an outdoor space so you can enjoy it season after season.


Install Year-Round Fun with String Lighting for Patios

While you’re sprucing up your patio for spring, go for the best! Festive patio string lights professionally installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, now that’s the best. What’s the difference, you ask? It’s true you can buy party lights at the do-it-yourself store, and you can hang them. But for the optimal effect, you need professionally designed and installed string lighting for patios whether you’re dressing up a home patio or commercial location.

You may call them string lights, party lights, bistro lights, café lights or market lights. Here’s why you want us to install your lights for you:

  • Custom-designed strings measured to fit your space
  • Beautiful globe LED bulbs with nostalgic appeal
  • Straight lines or fan layout – you choose
  • Professional-grade lights and installation
  • 5-year warranty on LED bulbs – that’s right, 5 years!
  • Permanent lighting you can leave up year-round
  • Perfect for home and commercial use

The Design

A good lighting design doesn’t happen by accident. During our free consultation, our professional lighting designer will meet with you at your location and talk about the effect you want to achieve with string lighting. We’ll look at the available points from which we can hang the light strings, to see if we need to add poles. We’ll also talk about the layout options including straight lines or a fan-shaped design.

The Quality

We only use professional-grade bulbs, wiring, and light sockets — all of the string assembly and connections. The socket holders we use are made of quality rubber, not plastic that breaks easily. We measure your space during our initial consultation and return with strings custom-made to fit the designated area. It’s the quality of our lighting strings and installation that allows you to leave these lights up year-round.

The Installation

We do all the work for you including measuring, climbing the ladder and reaching. We offer suspended or non-suspended lighting. Suspended means we use a guide wire to make the lighting string more secure. This is especially important if you’re stringing lights near ceiling fans. Non-suspended means we allow each string to sway freely.

The Look

Our nostalgic round globe bulbs harken back to olden days even though they’re energy-efficient LED lights. They emit a soft, warm light, not the bluish cast previously associated with LED lighting. The effect is festive and great for parties as well as everyday fun. Our string lighting for patios says, “This is the place!” The look is perfect for a home patio or commercial establishments including restaurants, coffee shops, the golf club or bar and grill. Anywhere you want to have fun.

The Warranty

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is so confident about our LED bulbs we offer a 5-year warranty on them.

We are pleased to offer permanent patio string lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Say Goodbye to Hazardous Steps & Stairs with North Houston Outdoor Stair Lighting

Incorporating outdoor lighting into your home is a way to not only add a flash of elegance to your home, but it is also a means of improving safety and quality of life.

Ever been in that awkward position of trying to get into the house at night where you can’t see anything? Tripping, fumbling, and stumbling is a quick way to put a damper on anyone’s evening. Not an issue if you can see where you are going, right? Don’t stop at functionality. Why not go for a little personality as well?

Outdoor Stair Lighting for Beauty & Safety

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a wide range of services in the manner of outdoor stair lighting. Our outdoor stair lighting can be easily incorporated into a plethora of different hardscapes. From concrete and stone pavers to composite and wood decking, our outdoor stair lighting bathes your decks and walkways with a beautiful glow, enhancing your home and improving safety.

Outdoor Stair Lighting is very low profile, meaning it will stay tucked beneath each step, and will not protrude out, maintaining your landscaping’s sharp look.

Ambient & Subtle Stair Riser Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, we also offer outdoor stair riser light installation. Stair riser lights are a great outdoor lighting solution for stairs and pathways in your yard. They can, like our other outdoor stair lighting options, be installed into stairs directly whether they are wood or stone. This removes the need for path lighting, which can sometimes be a hindrance when it comes to lawn maintenance. We can (and most often do) install outdoor stair lighting after your project is complete all while maintaining your project’s appearance, however, we prefer to install outdoor stair lighting during construction.

Lastly, we can indeed use the beloved path lighting for stair lighting too. Depending on where your stairs are located and what surrounds them, we’ll create a custom plan that works for you.

We are pleased to offer the best outdoor lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out a form for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Make Outdoor Living in The Woodlands Better with Custom Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners in The Woodlands know great outdoor living, and you devote a lot of time, money and attention to getting those outdoor living spaces fitted out just right. Whether it’s the deck, patio, pool area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace or outdoor games—or all of the above!!!—you don’t go halfway with accessories, furniture, and décor. What about outdoor lighting?

It’s time to give serious consideration to professional outdoor lighting for your backyard relaxation, dining, and entertainment areas. We may have grown up with outdoor candles and tiki torches, but today there’s no excuse for hiding in shadows and clinging to old lighting techniques. With today’s technological advances in LED outdoor lighting, backyard dining and entertaining just got a lot more fun and easier to see!

Upgrade Outdoor Dining with Outdoor Lighting and See Your Meals!

While candles on an outdoor dining table provide some ambiance and a little light, you can do better without spoiling the mood. When you call in a professional outdoor lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, we will design the perfect lighting plan for your backyard dining areas. We’re not going to take your candles away (unless you want us to). We’ll supplement them with subtle but effective outdoor lighting that enhances your deck or patio as a place to enjoy dining and entertaining.

We have a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures and techniques we can put to work for you around the deck or patio dining areas. We may tuck some small lights into the landscaping around your patio or in planters around your deck. We often use tiny lights that fit under deck railings or on the posts at the top of deck stairs. We can place lights in a tree beside your deck or patio to give the dappled effect of moonlighting, making it seem like there’s a full moon every night of the year. The goal of lighting around your backyard dining areas is to set the mood while allowing you to see what’s on your plate and the people you’re with. Not to be overlooked, your outdoor kitchen area will benefit from carefully-placed task lighting.

Backyard Entertaining Just Got a Lot More Interesting—and Safer

When you enjoy backyard games, isn’t it disappointing when darkness sets in and you can’t see where you’re tossing the horseshoes or the bean bags for cornhole? When you get up from dinner and want your guests to venture over to the fire pit or outdoor fireplace, do they look dubious because they can’t see their way across the yard in darkness? Would you and your guests be more likely to take an after-dinner dip in the pool if the pool were set in the soft, alluring glow of outdoor pool lighting? The last thing you want is a spotlight glaring across the yard. While a harsh spotlight might improve navigation around the back yard, the glare gets in everyone’s eyes and it’s no way to make a space more inviting!

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives show you how we can light your outdoor entertainment areas effectively and invitingly. We can make walkways and paths to the pool or fire pit safer and easier to see without a harsh glare. Your horseshoes, cornhole or badminton games will gain popularity after dark when players can see their equipment and their targets without a spotlight shining in their eyes.

Suddenly backyard entertainment is fun at night, too. We know how much you love being outdoors with friends and family during the daytime, so why not stretch the fun into the nighttime hours? With custom outdoor lighting, professionally designed and installed, your back yard will become the place where all your friends want to be in the evenings.

We are pleased to offer the best outdoor lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Get Your Kids Outside on Summer Nights with Custom Outdoor Play Lighting

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could extend the amount of time your children play outside this summer? What if they could get a big dose of fresh air and exercise during nighttime hours when temperatures are cooler? How nice would it be to relax on the deck in the evenings and watch your children safely play?

All of these can be a reality with outdoor recreational lighting.

Extend Outdoor Play with Recreational Lighting

As a parent, it can be a challenge to get your kids to spend more time outdoors. In a world where they are constantly attached to their devices, you may watch them spend endless idle hours indoors, and that can be frustrating.

So, let’s face it, it’s the middle of summer, and it’s hot. You’ve created beautiful, high-end outdoor spaces for your children, but playtime is limited to the sweltering daylight hours. Outdoor play is just not happening to the extent you would like.

But you can flip this on its head by integrating outdoor lighting into your backyard play spaces.

With custom outdoor illumination, your kids can enjoy a healthy summer outside during the cooler nighttime hours. It’s dark out yet the little ones are in the sandbox building a sculpture or playing on the swing set. Maybe the older kids are relaxing by the side of the pool with some friends or alternating between games of cornhole and badminton.

What about your next summer party? You serve cocktails and share stories with guests on the deck while the children are completely entertained in the backyard. You know they are safe because you can see them, and they can see where they’re going. Everyone’s happy.

Illuminate the Night with LED Outdoor Play Lighting

Your outdoor play lighting should be soft and inviting. No one wants harsh light glaring in their eyes, and you certainly don’t want to serve as the neighborhood beacon light.

Our LED lighting designs create a subtle, ambient glow over your backyard. Fixtures are constructed from solid copper or brass and are non-toxic, and they don’t get hot or use a lot of electricity.

Bottom line: Our LED outdoor play lighting looks exquisite.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our experts will skillfully install a custom lighting design for your unique landscape that meets all your safety requirements. We are the experts when it comes to installing upscale lighting for your home, and the result is stunning.
Whether it’s illumination around your swing set or sandbox, moonlighting from nearby trees over your trampoline or pool, or fixtures installed on the structures themselves, we’ll create picture-perfect backyard lighting for your family to enjoy. We also have a variety of deck and patio lighting options to further enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

We are pleased to offer the best backyard lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Creating Elegance & Ambiance in Houston with Tree Lighting

We love our trees in Houston. From our glorious Japanese maples, majestic oaks, elms, and magnolias to our crape myrtles and redbuds, they are the backdrop to our homes and our lives.

Your trees are an integral part of your landscape. They complete the picture. But while these elegant, magnificent trees look spectacular during the day, they go dark at night, and sometimes that darkness can overwhelm a gorgeous property.

Wouldn’t it be outstanding to illuminate the brilliance of these impressive trees at night?

Showcase Your Houston Property
with Tree Lighting

Whether you’re illuminating a striking river birch or an ornamental Mexican plum, tree lighting creates an ambiance that exudes splendor and elegance. Your trees are breathtaking and define your magnificent landscape. Now you can carry this resplendent vista into a nighttime curb appeal that’s both welcoming and stunning.

Imagine entertaining under the glory of your illuminated oaks and maples, allowing your guests to admire their splendid surroundings as they sip cocktails on the patio or relax around the firepit. What a setting!

And, with all its magnificence, tree lighting also makes your property more secure. Sit on your deck or patio at night with friends or just enjoy a quiet evening safely relishing in your exquisite surroundings. Maybe your little ones enjoy a nighttime game of hide-and-seek amongst the trees. Perhaps your older children spend the evening unwinding with friends in those cozy chairs under the red maple. Knowing what is happening all around you, you have a sense of peace.

Custom Tree Lighting for Your Unique Landscape

Since your home is the focal point of your landscape, we recommend lighting it first and your trees second. We know your home, your trees, and your landscape are all unique, and we want your outdoor illumination to be as well. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in West Houston and The Woodlands, our tree lighting experts craft exquisite designs for your landscape while using the finest outdoor lighting techniques to create the look you desire.

Our soft, ambient landscape lighting accentuates the height of your larger trees and brings depth and texture to your landscape at night. We install custom focal lighting below smaller, ornamental trees, shining it up to create a welcoming appearance. And, by shining light from within your trees, casting it down, you might actually feel like there is magic in the air. If you want to highlight a fun or unique landscape feature for friends and family to enjoy, we can install down lighting, on a tree from about twenty feet high to illuminate the focal feature from above. Whatever your tastes and preferences may be, we’ll make it perfect, and it will be beautiful.

We are pleased to offer the best tree lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Light Up Summer Swims to Escape the Houston Heat

The heat is on! Is your pool ready to keep you cool day or night? We offer pool lighting so on the hottest days where you don’t even want to be in the pool during the thick of it, a night swim can cool you down. Go for a refreshing dip without the scorching sun hitting your back, or enjoy the cooler nighttime weather by relaxing on the pool’s edge. With outdoor pool lights, you don’t have to worry about the time of day and can avoid dealing with the sun altogether. And if you have guests, here are two reasons they’ll be thanking you.

pool safety lighting

1. Nighttime Summer Parties

Adding pool lighting means you can host nighttime summer parties and pool parties. Why make your guests suffer through the midday heat? Keep them cool and content instead. Take advantage of the festive ambiance the evening creates to make it an unforgettable night. Your guests can talk, laugh, and drink without the sweltering heat of day getting in their way. Let them comfortably lounge outside and enjoy the good music and food while they make the pool a natural extension of your party.

2. Added Security

Evening means the real fun has just begun. Sunsets no longer have to ruin a good party or cut one short. But with the darkness, you want to make sure your visitors are safe and protect yourself from liabilities. Don’t let them get hurt by fumbling around your pool in poor to no lighting. If you’re in Houston or North Houston, pool lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can provide a tailored solution for you. We can install non-intrusive pool lights to avoid people accidentally slipping, tripping, or falling. You’ll also give guests peace of mind knowing they can easily keep a watchful eye on children playing in the water.


Contact Us For a Free Custom Design Plan

We are pleased to offer the best outdoor lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your pool at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Lighting the Path Home with Driveway Lighting

Living in North Houston can mean a drastic change in weather from hot and humid to thunderstorms in a matter of minutes. The last thing you want to worry about when driving in stormy weather is finding your home in the midst of the mess. Fortunately, with driveway lighting, your driveway will always be there with a warm welcome in any weather. Your guests are greeted with the illuminated driveway and outdoor lighting before they knock on your door. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, we understand the importance of safety as much as warm greetings when it comes to outdoor lighting at your home. Our outdoor lighting experts can provide you with the custom lighting design your driveway and home entrance need for an inviting and safe welcome.

Welcome Guests First With Driveway Lighting

Before your guests arrive at your home, they are first greeted by your street and then by your driveway. When it’s lit up with driveway lighting, guests will feel welcome before they walk through your front door. We can also light up the pathways leading to your door and the front porch with our custom outdoor lighting techniques so your guests never have to get lost in the dark shadows walking to your entrance.

Safety is Beautiful

Not only does a well-lit driveway provide a warm welcome for guests, but it makes your home’s entrance safer. Whether you are driving through a storm or coming home late at night, there’s nothing more terrifying than walking in the dark, especially when alone. Keep intruders away from your home and feel safe walking to your front door with our outdoor lighting and driveway lighting options. Whether your driveway is short or long, our custom lighting experts can design your home’s entrance in a beautiful way that feels safe.

Brighten Up Your Home’s Entrance Before The Next Storm

We are pleased to offer the best driveway and entry lighting to all of the Houston areas including The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

How to Bring the Indoors Out Without Breaking the Bank

the woodlands outdoor living ambianceFor a decade now, homeowners have been and continue to be focused on creating outdoor spaces that mirror the comforts of the indoors. With advancements in fabrics and the increased availability of affordable patio furniture, extending your livable square footage into the outdoors has become a reality for many and a goal for most of the rest.

When getting started, there may be some obvious trends to tackle, such as adding shade with a porch roof or pergola, buying comfortable lounge furniture, creating a dining space, and an outdoor kitchen area. But once you have your big-ticket items – how do you transform the space into a comfortable and cozy living space?

It all comes down to ambiance.

Ambiance can be created with small and subtle investments in your new space that will have a HUGE impact.

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #1

Colorful or sleek throw pillows will create the softness you get with your interior family room. Your choice of color and pattern can reflect your sense of style, with whimsy, sleek and modern, or traditional choices.

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #2

Plants. While we are trying to make your outdoor space as comfy as indoors, a part of achieving it employs smart vegetation choices. You add plants to your indoor spaces to warm them up and make them feel alive and energized, the same applies to the outdoors. If your patio or deck is where you spend the time, used potted plants strategically to achieve the desired results. If your space is smaller, you can use the surrounding yard and landscape.

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #3

Water. Whether it is a pool or a fountain, every outdoor space deserves a running water feature. The tranquil sounds, the connection with nature and in the case of a pool, a great place to cool off. (Okay, a pool might break the bank. You got us on that one.)

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #4

Fire. Fire features are a must-have meeting place in every backyard paradise. It will warm the space, literally, and can be anything from a portable fire pit to a massive hardscape fireplace, the choice is yours!

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #5

TV! It might not be a classic idea of ambiance, but if you want to take the indoors out, what better way to do it than to bring your TV outside and mount it under the porch roof? Fall football games interrupt some of the best weather we see here in Houston, so why not enjoy the outdoors and the game?

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #6

Outdoor Lighting. You don’t go to bed when it gets dark. You flip the switch in the kitchen and keep going about your business. Same goes for taking the indoors out. Add landscape lighting, patio lighting, deck lighting and string lighting, custom designed to fit your outdoor living room! Once the sun sets, it is lights on and back to the business of enjoying your cozy comfortable backyard!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, outdoor lighting is ALL we do. We create custom LED outdoor lighting designs, installed to last and complement your lifestyle. Call today for a design consultation. 281-672-8943

Make Other Subdivisions Envious with Unparalleled Custom Neighborhood Entry Lighting

spring texas neighborhood entry lightingDid you know that HOAs invest hundreds and often thousands of dollars a year creating beautifully landscaped entrances to attract buyers, increase home values, and satisfy homeowners? This ongoing maintenance work includes seasonal flowers, lawn services, and irrigation services to beautify and draw attention to the distinctive signage that alerts visitors they are in the right place.

Some neighborhoods have brick and stone signs; others have large privacy walls attached, gatehouses, and even water features!

All of this investment creates an attractive scene, but all-too-often these efforts go unnoticed after dark. After nightfall, the proud display of the neighborhood name and sign is most important! Finding your way to a new place in the dark is always more challenging, even with Google Maps telling you when to turn. But with a relatively modest investment in LED outdoor lighting for neighborhood entrances, the grandeur of the neighborhood name, sign, and landscaping can be enjoyed at night. Creating a lovely warm welcome for homeowners and guests alike.

How Does Your Neighborhood Entry Compare with Adjacent Communities?

When assisting HOAs with their neighborhood entry lighting, we get one of three types of clients.

  1. They don’t have neighborhood entry lighting at all.
  2. They have entry lighting, but it needs some outdoor lighting maintenance and either no one knows who installed it, or the installation company is no longer around.
  3. They have entry lighting, but it is in complete disrepair and needs to be replaced or upgraded.

woodlands lights for neighborhood signsThe lack of lighting or disrepair of lighting is what can hurt a community trying to compete for desirability with nearby neighborhoods. A grande and illuminated entrance a few miles away is much more enticing and says a lot about what the homeowners get for their HOA dues. When entering a neighborhood, guests or prospective buyer might wonder why anyone would want to be part of an HOA that can’t keep communal areas looking nicer. This is A.) very embarrassing for the homeowner who they are visiting and B.) is not going to convince a buyer that it is a great community.

No matter which of the three categories you fit in above, you should consider Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands your partner in providing a full outdoor lighting solution. We service and repair all LED systems, we upgrade existing systems to energy-efficient LED (saving your HOA 80% in electricity costs), and we create beautiful custom outdoor lighting designs – complete with meticulous installation.

Help your neighborhood compete with the biggest and most desirable communities in The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, and Magnolia, like Carlton Woods with the best-LED neighborhood entry lighting in Houston. 281-672-8943

Try Before You Buy – See Your Home Lit Up with an Outdoor Lighting Demonstration

Have you ever bought a car without taking it for a spin? Or purchased shoes without trying them on? How do you know if you will like the way it drives or the way it fits? When it comes to investing your money in something you will use all the time, it only makes sense to try it before you buy it. The same should be applied with outdoor lighting. Fortunately, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Houston and The Woodlands can visit your home for a complimentary outdoor lighting demonstration where you can see the possibilities of outdoor lighting without installing a thing.

See Your Home with Outdoor Lighting for the First Time

Have you considered investing in outdoor lighting for years, but just haven’t been sure if it’s worth the investment? Or perhaps you question where you would even put the lights, to begin with? When you work with one of our outdoor lighting experts, they consult with you to propose the ideal outdoor lighting plan for your home. Once we have a design in mind, our team will come out and bring it to life, so you can see your home with outdoor lighting for the first time!


Why an Outdoor Lighting Demonstration at Night?

The outdoor lighting demonstration takes place at night so that you can see first-hand what you like and dislike about your proposed lighting design. The best part? You will see exactly how it will look during the dark hours of the night. This helps us make the necessary adjustments before we install it.

Choose What Type of Outdoor Lighting is Right for You

When you opt for an outdoor lighting demonstration, this gives you the opportunity to decide what type of lighting you like best. Whether this means you prefer downlighting, uplighting, moonlighting, wall wash lighting, path lighting, deck lighting or another option, our lighting experts can make adjustments during the demonstration to get the lighting just right for you before installation.

Are You Ready to Get Started with an Outdoor Lighting Demonstration in Houston?

We are pleased to offer the best outdoor lighting design and installation for outdoor entertaining year-round to Houston and North Houston areas including The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and more. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Do I Need to Hire a Professional Outdoor Lighting Technician?

Electricity. Need I say more?

outdoor lighting installationOutdoor lighting and landscape lighting should be designed and installed by a lighting professional. There are many reasons for leaving this commonly attempted DIY project to the pros. So, if you are considering otherwise, we urge you to read our list first.

  • We have better lights. (Our LED outdoor lights will outlast anything available to the public and even withstand hurricane flood waters.)
  • Proper outdoor lighting installation.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of the electrical requirements, including the installation of transformers.
  • Professional design that looks ready for a photo shoot on HGTV or Better Homes & Gardens.
  • A large variety of fixtures for lights that won’t get in the way of the rest of your life.
  • Our lights will automatically turn on and off ONLY when they should without rocket science needed to use the timer.
  • Your solar lights, look cheap, are cheap, and won’t do the job for the single season you’ll get out of them.
  • Digging – have you ever tried to dig a hole in the dirt during a dry Houston summer? Did you rent a jack-hammer? Let someone else do this dirty, difficult, laborious task to bury your lighting lines.

You can install your own outdoor lighting, it is true. That being said, would you try to give yourself a root canal because you “can”? No, call the pros, let us handle it and get back to enjoying your yard anytime day or night.

Call now for a free design consultation to see for yourself what we can do! 281-672-8943

Should I Add Deck Lighting to My Deck Stairs?

deck stair lightingYes. We might be a little bias, but let us explain to you why you must have deck stair lighting at your Houston area home. (Outdoor lighting for all of your outdoor stairs is really the best advice.)

Beauty and Function!

Your deck is a favorite hang-out, right? Don’t go indoors just because of the sunsets. Your deck stairs are an important part of utilizing your deck and yard at night, make sure there is enough light to see what you’re doing.

You’ve invested in a gorgeous deck, show it off! Deck stair lighting can be in the risers, under the railings, or on the posts and provide a lovely glow on the quality craftsmanship of your favorite backyard space.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Keeping your friends and family safe from dangerous falls is the right thing to do. Falling on the stairs is one of the most dangerous types of falls, which can lead to very serious injuries. Injuries you don’t want your FRAMILY to endure.

Not to mention…

In today’s libel world, any potential liability should be negated if possible before it costs you. That new friend you thought was showing potential for lifelong comradery can take a quick turn south with a trip and fall and a large medical bill.

If friends present a risk, imagine the risk that can exist from a delivery person, service provider, or another stranger that visits your property. A trip and fall on a porch, entrance, or deck stair can be a significant financial cost to you and your household.


Yes, you should have deck stair lighting, unless you don’t have deck stairs, then we can talk about the types of lighting you should have. From landscape lighting and tree lighting to custom market lights, we offer every LED outdoor lighting style you can imagine.

If you’re ready to illuminate the stairs to your deck – call us today! 281-672-8943

Light Up Your Pool for Late Night Swims and Parties

Light Up Your Pool for Late Night Swims and Parties

Backyard swimming pools provide an oasis for cooling off during the heat of the day and may well be the most popular feature of your home. By night, it should be a beautiful centerpiece for social gatherings. When you want to throw evening pool parties, proper, attractive outdoor lighting is a must. Illuminating the area for safety first underlies a good lighting plan, but that’s just the beginning. By creating an overall backyard landscape lighting plan, your pool parties go from fun to fabulous.

Bring Obstacles to Light

Of course, the first thing you want to do is ensure you, your family and guests can negotiate the pool area and surrounding paths without colliding into unseen hard objects. Stubbing a bare toe on a cement bench or landscaping stone will surely ruin someone’s mood. By illuminating the area with both spotlight intensity and a soft subtle glow, everyone can happily move around with ease. Path lighting leads your guests to the heart of the action in a romantic atmosphere. Add charm to the trail by placing the path lights near whimsical landscaping art.

Plan Your Patio Ambience

The patio area leading into the home should be brightened tastefully with beautiful wall sconces and varied lighting fixtures rather than from one blazing porch light. A single bright light creates many shadows and glare, but gentle string lights overhead paired with fixtures placed strategically around the patio serve their purposes without intruding on the atmosphere. You can even play with different colored lights to magnify the allure of the evening.

custom pool lighting
Pool lighting isn’t just for the pool. It encapsulates your entire pool area. Lighting should be custom designed for waterfall cascades, grottos, retaining walls, privacy walls, and more!

Gentle Lighting Around the Pool

Illuminate the pool apron with soft lighting around the perimeter. A ring of low lights behind the bar, chairs, and lounges backlight the area nicely, complementing the in-pool illumination. Fixtures placed at the base of surrounding shrubs and under concrete benches offer discreet coverage while remaining out of the way and even showing off your beautiful vegetation.

Highlight the Surrounding Landscaping

More than merely building an island of light around your pool, an outdoor lighting plan could also highlight your outer landscaping features, too. Decorative trees, gazebos and flower beds look lovely at night with hidden fixtures bringing them out of the darkness. Trees appear especially attractive when draped in starry night LED lights. If you have other water features in the backyard, such as a waterfall and pond, invite them to the party, too, with hidden spotlights. 

Scale Down to an Intimate Retreat

Once the party winds down, you might want to draw the night back in to envelop a more cozy gathering around a fire pit. With a well-planned outdoor lighting installation, you can illuminate all your best outdoor features or only the few you want at any given time. So when the party’s over, you can relax with your closest companions to finish off the celebration embraced in a closer, warmer glow of light.

If it’s time to craft your own backyard lighting installation, contact us to schedule your free design plan today. Our outdoor lighting experts will be happy to meet with you and start a no-obligation design plan to see what works best for your property and budget.

Call today! 281-672-8943

How to Choose an Outdoor Lighting Contractor

Do you feel confident about choosing the right contractor for your home renovation project?

Chances are, if you are in need of home services, such as outdoor lighting installation or service, you might be a little intimidated by the options. Choosing an outdoor lighting contractor is no easy feat. Your landscapers, lawn services, and electricians can all do the job. But do you really want someone who “can” do it? Or do you want someone who is the expert and will do the best job?

Follow this handy guide when you’re ready to hire a new outdoor lighting contractor:

Reputations Matter

Online reviews from previous clients are the quickest way to learn about the quality of the outdoor lighting contractor you are considering. Look for 4-stars and up on Google. Search for them on BBB. And if they use Home Advisor, Angie’s List or another directory, make sure they have a good reputation there too.

Licensed & Insured

Ask your prospective contractor for proof of licensing and insurance. This protects you, the business, and their staff in case of accidents.

Friendly & Professional

There is just something to be said about working with someone who is pleasant. In the home services contractor world, there is some tough status quo to overcome. But you don’t have to accept less than professional. Hire someone who is courteous, on-time, and professional.

Listening Skills

Every home and business is different. You shouldn’t settle for some pre-packaged plan for your lighting system. If your prospective contractor is not listening to your wants and needs but is pushing products on you at an alarming rate, keep looking!

Portfolios and References

Practice makes perfect. Don’t hire the guy who just started in lighting to keep himself busy when his lawn care business is in the slow season. Outdoor lighting is what we do. And it is ALL we do. We have references and portfolios galore and encourage you to browse our website and social media pages for inspiration.

Highly Skilled Lighting Repair & Installation Crew

Ask your outdoor lighting sales professional or designer who they have on staff to install the lighting. Do they have a dedicated team of expertly trained technicians or do they hire day workers to do the job? At OLP, we know that for the best quality installations the crew needs to have extensive training, an impeccable record, and plenty of experience. So much so, that we developed our own internal training and certification program for technicians.


The quality of your lights is as important as the quality of the design and installation. Good lights will be copper or brass and come with a warranty. Plastic, aluminum, and powder-coated aluminum just won’t last!

Are you ready to extend the use of your yard at night? Call the pros at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands today! 281-672-8943 We serve The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston.

Inspire Spring Outdoor Living with New Landscape Lighting

What makes you decide to spend an evening outdoors rather than indoors?

landscape lighting for spring outdoor livingGood weather?
Good friends?
A perfectly grilled meal?
Your expertly designed patio?
A clear night for star-gazing?
A bag of marshmallows and a new fire pit?

No matter what has you eager to be outdoors after the sunsets, one thing is for sure, shedding a little light on the subject will heighten your enjoyment. Do you have the right outdoor lighting for your outdoor living space? Have you set yourself up to take full advantage of beautiful spring nights?

No matter the shape or size of your backyard, the amenities you have, the amenities you don’t, or how you wish to utilize the space, we have the perfect custom landscape lighting design for you. From subtle accent lighting for quiet romantic evenings to festive overhead lighting for epic entertaining, we’ll create a versatile lighting plan to meet your every need.

A spring evening around the fire pit is better with just enough light to see your beverage and navigate back to the house.

A perfect soak in the hot tub should never be followed by a trip & fall on the inside.

It’s Friday night! Let the kids stay outside as late as possible!

Nothing says party like a well-lit pool and outdoor kitchen/bar!

Call today if you’re ready to take your amazing backyard to the next level for nighttime use with outdoor lighting. 281-672-8943

Carlton Woods Exterior Home Lighting: Custom Nighttime Curb Appeal

What do you see when you arrive home after dark? Can you see anything? Is there just a lonely porch light on? Or a startling flood light triggered by your movement? With professional Carlton Woods exterior home lighting, you can enjoy a warm greeting upon your arrival. You can view your homes unique charms after the sun sets. And you can wow your neighbors and friends with the beauty your home exudes at night.

Types of Exterior Home Lighting

We often call it architectural lighting in the industry, but exterior home lighting meant to subtly illuminate the charm of your home’s architectural features, entryways, and exterior finish.

To achieve a complete outdoor lighting design, we also include landscape lighting in the immediate vicinity on trees and flowerbeds.

Adding exterior home lighting to home’s in Carlton Woods and most of Houston is a pleasure. We love customizing our lighting designs for each home’s individuality and personality. We use a variety of light fixtures and techniques to achieve the ultimate goal – your happiness and a more beautiful home at night. Including a combination following:

  • Path lighting leading to the home’s entrance.
  • Wall wash lighting to highlight stone, siding, stucco, or brick.
  • Focal lighting to shine up to the highest peaks of your roofline, sometimes mounted in the second story eaves.
  • Column lighting to draw attention to porches and other portico features.
  • Driveway lighting for safe navigation.
  • Landscape lighting to illuminate the ground around the home and pathways.
  • Stair and step lighting.

While we love to talk about the practical benefits of exterior home lighting, such as safety, security and such – but we know the real reason homeowners love outdoor lighting! They love it for beauty. Show off your gorgeous home and landscape that you work so hard for with the ultimate subtlety using professionally designed outdoor lighting. Call today to schedule a free design consultation. 281-672-8943

Landscape Lighting and Home Sales: Is it Worth the Investment?

When the time comes to sell your Spring or Woodlands home, you might have months to plan or years to plan. In the meantime, every dollar you spend on home renovations will be carefully considered for its value in the home selling process.

There are two distinct ways a renovation project should be valued.

1. Does it appeal to buyers? (Shorten your sale time.)
2. Does it add value for resale? (Increase your sale price.)

If you only have the time and budget to tackle one or two projects before listing your home, make sure you choose a project that ticks both boxes.


You, guessed it, landscape lighting does!

In the National Association of Realtors 2018 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features, landscape lighting came in at #7 out of 13, on BOTH lists.

How Does Landscape Lighting Increase the Value of My Home?

the woodlands landscape lighting for home resaleWhenever you make your home more beautiful, it is a value add. Landscape lighting at first sight, increases your curb appeal. The first thing a buyer sees as they approach your house is your landscape and the lighting that accentuates it.

Landscape lighting increases safety and security. One of the most intimidating factors for a home buyer is choosing a safe neighborhood for their family. With outdoor lighting providing security from the onset, they can feel instantly secure in their decision.

National Association of Realtors estimates you’ll recover about 50% of the cost of installing a new landscape lighting system.

How Does Landscape Lighting Appeal to Home Buyers for a Faster Sale?

HGTV suggests landscape lighting in Maximum Value Landscaping Projects noting that “Outdoor lighting is like jewelry for your home’s exterior.”

Bobvila.com reiterates the point, saying, “Outdoor lighting deters burglars and creates a magical ambiance in your yard.”

The bottom line is, a well-designed landscape lighting system boosts your curb appeal, which is the very first impression your home makes on a potential buyer. Combined with the biggest names in home remodeling recommending it, adding landscape lighting is a great way to prepare your home for selling.

Landscape Lighting Updates Before Selling

Often, homeowners have landscape lighting installed and then forget about. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands today to schedule service, maintenance or an update to your system before listing it for sale. A refresh might be all it needs to wow prospective home buyers.

Whether you’re making early preparations for selling your home, or you’re in the thick of the final touches, call us today to schedule your landscape lighting design demonstration. We look forward to working with you! 281-672-8943

Houston Landscape Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

But if you can’t or don’t, be sure to call us for a maintenance visit – pronto!

avoid these common landscape lighting mistakesIf you’re embarking on installing a new landscape lighting system or upgrading your existing system with LED and more lighting, we have some tips you can use. We’ve seen it all, and it is our duty to help you avoid some of the mistakes we’ve seen homeowners make with their landscape lighting. Read the list below, and remember, we service all systems. So, if you find yourself in a pickle with your lighting for any reason, you can always call us!

Don’t set it and forget it.

Once your landscape lighting system is installed and program, you might just forget all about it. Sure, you enjoy the lighting, but do you really pay close attention after that? Please do.

It is common for homeowners to ignore a light or two that have gone out. It is common for homeowners not to get general service that will maintain the integrity of the initial lighting design. It’s common for homeowners to let shrubbery grow big without adjusting their lighting design. Don’t fall into that trap. Grab yourself an Annual Maintenance Plan so you can be covered if something does go wrong, while also enjoying a regular checkup and adjustments.

Don’t go cheap.

cheap outdoor lightingPlastic, aluminum, and powder-coated aluminum might all look good at first, but they won’t for long. Plastic breaks easy, cracks and fades. Powder-coated aluminum will chip and look old after a year or two. Go for the best lighting available. We recommend brass or copper – solid brass or copper. These lights will age beautifully in the weather and can take a stray football or two.

Good quality fixtures also have better bulbs with a consistent warm light that lasts. Cheaper lights can be blue, harsh white, and may be inconsistent from fixture to fixture.

Cheap transformers get hot and usually contain a photocell that is built in. Once the photocell goes, those lights will stay on forever. And you can’t replace it just the photocell – so you have to buy a whole new transformer. When these transformers continuously get hot, they end up dying early and you have to replace it and a regular pace that ends up costing your more in the long run.

Get the Latest State-of-the-Art Lights

Today’s landscape lighting technology means you should only be buying LED. The older lights are typically Halogen and use 80% more energy than LED. They also can get very hot and even start fires.

Don’t Ignore Your Favorite Landscape Features

Make sure your lighting designers care about what you care about. If your favorite landscape feature is an old John Deere tractor, an antique carriage wheel, your collection of garden gnomes or a particularly impressive Oaktree, make sure you show it off with lighting. No matter what a lighting designer tells you, your favorite landscape accessories should be illuminated for your enjoyment.

We certainly have seen a few more mistakes along the way, but we are certain that with our help, we can further beautify the Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston at night, one house at a time. Call today for your free nighttime lighting demonstration. 281-672-8943

Tips for Installing Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Lighting

Tips for Installing Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Lighting

The right interior lighting can enhance everything from your mood to the color of your walls. But when it comes to exterior lighting, it can also play a role in food preparation and mosquito control. Whether you have a cozy and modest outdoor space or a large outdoor kitchen, installing the right lighting fixtures can significantly improve your outdoor cooking/dining experience. Here are a few ideas on where you can install various lighting fixtures to brighten up your outdoor kitchen and dining space.


There is nothing better than a steak cooked to perfection over an open flame, but if you are cooking after dark, it is difficult to tell if the food is undercooked or overcooked. Spotlights placed close to the grill will allow you to keep a close eye on food, which means you can spend more time socializing than taking the food indoors to check if it’s done. Mini spotlights installed over the bar area can also provide the ideal lighting for mixing drinks if you and your friends are enjoying some cocktails.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are available in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. Drum pendants are light fixtures that are made with a cylindrical drum-style shade, which is perfect for over the bar and/or serving areas. If you have a ceiling or overhang above the outdoor kitchen island, consider hanging glass or wooden pendant lights above the island for extra task lighting.

If you have a ceiling or overhang above the outdoor kitchen island, consider hanging glass or wooden pendant lights above the island for extra task lighting.

Ceiling Fan With Lights

If your outdoor dining area has a ceiling, consider installing a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture. The fan will help deter mosquitoes and the lighting will add the right amount of light for serving and eating meals. Installing a dimmer will allow you to adjust the amount of light in the vicinity of the table.

Landscape Lighting

When choosing lighting for your outdoor kitchen area, don’t forget to include some landscape lighting. Lighting in the landscape area around the outdoor kitchen will emphasize the kitchen area. For example, if you have a water feature near the outdoor kitchen area, installing upward facing mini spotlights will highlight the water feature while adding extra light to the eating and/or cooking area.

Pathway Lighting

Whether you have steps leading up to the outdoor kitchen area or a brick pathway, LED or solar path lights will help safely guide your dinner guests to the outdoor dining area as well as provide a soothing illumination to the area. Pathway lighting can also be used around sections of the patio to add additional lighting to specific areas, such as the dining area.

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When shopping for outdoor kitchen lighting, always use lighting that is rated for wet or damp locations. It is also highly recommended that you choose energy-efficient lights, especially if you intend to use lights for an extended length of time. When installing lighting in outdoor kitchens, make sure they are encased in protective covers to help resist wear-and-tear from the elements.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands to learn more about how lighting can help to enhance your outdoor kitchen and grilling area.

Your Complete Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Your Complete Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Professional grade outdoor lighting consists of sturdy, durable components, but like all mechanical systems, they require regular maintenance to remain in top shape. At least once per year, your lighting network should receive a thorough inspection, especially after a season of heavy weather events. Below is a checklist guide to help you with your lighting maintenance.

1. Visual

Either at dusk or before dawn, turn the lights on, or allow them to come on if they are on automatic timers. Then walk the property to see if all lights are functioning. Verify the lights are still illuminating the selected features as desired. Look for landscaping plants or tree limbs that may be obscuring the fixtures. 

2. Switches

If you have any battery-powered devices, such as remotes and digital timers, this is a great time to replace those batteries. Inspect all controls, wired and wireless, especially if any of the lights failed to work during your night inspection. Make sure the timers are still set properly and photocells still respond to light and dark.

Take a small level with you to re-set any leaning or toppled ground fixtures. You might need to re-align them once it's dark enough to see their lighting patterns.

3. Clean Lenses

Lenses take on dirt and water stains over time. You should gently wash them to restore their transparency. Any lenses that have become opaque should be scheduled for replacement. While inspecting individual lights, trim back any plants that obstruct the fixtures.

4. Leaning Fixtures

Take a small level with you to re-set any leaning or toppled ground fixtures. You might need to re-align them once it’s dark enough to see their lighting patterns.

5. Bulbs

Replace any burned out bulbs, but be certain it’s the bulb and not an electrical disconnection first. Be sure to use the same wattage for the replacement bulbs so that the voltage across the circuit remains balanced. 

6. Wires

Check for resurfaced wiring. Be sure the plastic insulation entirely covers the wires. Any wires with breaks in the insulating tube need to be replaced. If they are otherwise fine, re-bury them. For tree-mounted lights, make sure the brackets and wiring are still firmly attached. Also, check to see if the tree is beginning to grow around the hardware. If it is, you’ll need to dislodge and re-secure the fixture or wiring. 

7. Transformers

Tighten the lugs in the transformers. These can loosen over time which can eventually cause arcing, and that is definitely not good. Check the voltages and amperages in the primary and secondary transformers and compare these to the readings taken at installation. They should be the same. If they’re not, you should call your installer. You can also call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives even if your system was not installed by us and is out of its original warranty. Irregular readings in the transformers could indicate a problem. This maintenance task should be diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible.

If Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed your system within the last year, you already have a worry-free maintenance plan. We’ll take care of all your maintenance needs for one full year after installation. You then have the option to pay a reasonable fee to receive continued maintenance by our expert team. If you encounter troublesome issues during your routine check-up and your system is not from us, no problem! Contact us anyway. We’d be happy to troubleshoot and repair your system for you. Call us today and rest easy knowing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is on the way.

Do's and Don'ts for Outdoor Lighting

Do's and Don'ts for Outdoor Lighting

It is common for homeowners to walk down the lighting aisle and grab the first light fixtures they come across. Unfortunately, there is more to landscape lighting than simply buying the biggest, brightest lights to light up walkways. The optimum results of installing outdoor lighting requires a well-designed system in order to have the most visual impact. 

When placed and installed correctly, landscape lighting can not only establish the mood but provide a measure of safety and security for your home as well. Although it is highly recommended that you place this task in the hands of professionals, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind in case you choose to install landscape lighting on your own.

Outdoor Lighting Do’s

  • Before installing the landscape lighting around pathways and other landscape features, focus on lighting the house first, and the trees second. The primary focus of outdoor lighting should be on the most important and most beautiful thing on the property — your house. The right type of outdoor light fixtures will focus on the beauty of your home at night, while at the same time making it safe and secure. When positioning lighting fixtures, make sure to highlight the walls of the house as well as architectural features.
  • Make use of multiple layers, without overdoing the number of fixtures. For example, position several spotlights with different angles towards a garden statue to create silhouettes and layers and to create a unique lighting effect. Staggering lights as opposed to grouping several in a single bunch will add more detail and effects without drawing attention to the lights themselves.
  • Do use down lighting for pathways when possible. Lighting from above as opposed to along the pathway provides a gorgeous type of illumination and makes the pathway safe and easy to see.

One of the most common mistakes many homeowners make is placing the lighting fixtures in a straight line along the pathway. Not only is this somewhat boring, but it also tends to make the pathway look like an airport runway.

Outdoor Lighting Don’ts 

  • One of the most common mistakes many homeowners make is placing the lighting fixtures in a straight line along the pathway. Not only is this somewhat boring, but it also tends to make the pathway look like an airport runway. Instead, get creative with the placement of the lights. For example, stagger the lights or place them in a position where they shine down on the pathway.
  • Don’t forget to illuminate the second story of your home. This includes lighting aimed at or placed on overhangs, peaks, pillars and other features that are unique to your home. This type of elevated lighting will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also cast an ambient glow on your lawn.
  • Don’t ignore the small areas or the dark spaces around the home and hidden in the landscaping. Even a small accent light can transform a small, dark corner of the lawn into a beautiful space. Another benefit of lighting up small, dark places is that it creates fewer hiding spaces for intruders.

These are only a few of the great things you can do with outdoor lighting. When installed in the right places, lighting fixtures can completely transform your home. For the ideal lighting system, it is recommended that you contact a lighting professional to help you with the best choices. A lighting specialist will walk the perimeter with you and give you a visual of what type of lighting will work the best for your home to enhance it and to provide an extra measure of security.

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To learn more about how outdoor lighting can enhance your home’s exterior or schedule an appointment for one of our experts to help guide your through the lighting process, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands today!

Party Planning Includes Outdoor Lighting Readiness

You’ve got to plan ahead if you want to be ready for your Start-of-Summer Party, also known as Memorial Day! Sure, it’s barely spring now, but the beginning of summer is not far away. Of course, many of the parties you’ll host this summer will take place outdoors, so let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands help you get ready with professional outdoor lighting.

No one will want the party to be driven inside because darkness has set in. Not only does outdoor lighting help you see what you’re doing, but it also contributes to the festive outdoor party vibe you want to establish. You want everyone to have fun, and outdoor lighting will go a long way to help with that.

Get Started With Deck Lighting!

The deck is always a place where people gather to talk. It doesn’t even matter if you have enough seating because guests are usually content to stand in conversation clusters. It does help if you have a railing they can lean against since that’s a natural instinct. What also helps is discreet deck lighting that sets the convivial mood. Small LED lights under the deck railing will wash the deck with a subtle glow so friends can see the people they’re talking with. For safety, you’ll want tiny lights installed on the deck’s stair risers. It’s a little trick that can increase your guests’ safety immeasurably.

Show Off With Patio Lighting!

If you love your patio, you’ll want your friends to love it, too. Do you have container gardens on the patio, or planter boxes? Quirky standing metal sculptures that double as drink holders? Garden stools you’ve repainted or bejeweled? However you’ve decorated your patio, this is the time to show it off! Our professional lighting designers know how to angle your patio lighting to greatest effect, making use of any landscaping you have around the patio’s edge, too.

If You Have It, We Can Light It!

What other outdoor living features do you have around your yard that would be enhanced with outdoor lighting this summer? An outdoor kitchen always needs a few lights for utility, especially if anyone is going to be slicing limes with a sharp knife! If you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, guests will gravitate toward those. Lead them with path lighting, and your colorful gas flame will handle the rest.

The best hosts know how to provide the perfect setting and let their guests make the most of it. You can make the most of your outdoor living spaces after dark this summer when you have professionally designed and installed deck lighting, patio lighting and more. Our design consultation at your home is free. We can even set up an after-sunset lighting demonstration so you can see how far a little lighting here and there will go toward making your summer nights more fun outdoors.

We are pleased to offer the best outdoor lighting to all of the Houston areas including The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and more. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. 281-672-8943

Create a Trendy Backyard Look with Professional String Lighting

Create a Trendy Look with Professional String Lighting

There’s just something about string lighting that seems to really set the mood. It just makes a place look more inviting, enchanting almost. It’s why so many bars, restaurants and wedding venues have incorporated string lights in their décor.

String lighting can set the stage for a fun and memorable experience for your guests. Keep reading to find out how string lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can transform your venue.

Party Perfect

Whether you own a wedding venue or a restaurant, string lights bring a certain “wow” factor to your outdoor space. Brides will feel like they’re in a fairy tale as they dance with their husbands underneath the ambient glow of string lights.

And restaurants looking for a fresh way to update their patios will find that string lights are the perfect way to do it. Guests will surely enjoy sipping on their drinks while hanging out under these festive lights.

The best thing about string lights is that they are versatile. You can make them work for any event your business or venue is hosting. It just takes a little creativity.

Creative Arrangements

When it comes to hanging your string lights, you’ll soon realize that the possibilities are endless. Many venues choose to drape them from large trees, wrapping them around branches of one tree or hanging them between two neighboring trees.

String lights also look great on patios. If you have an open-air patio, hang string lights in parallel rows across the patio to create a faux ceiling of lights. If your patio is covered, the lights can be hung along the perimeter to define the edges.

Whether you own a wedding venue or a restaurant, string lights bring a certain “wow” factor to your outdoor space.

You could also wrap string lights around light poles and other structures on the property.

Year-Round Glow

Outdoor lighting can be enjoyed year-round, so don’t think you won’t get much use out of them after the summer months. The lights we use are commercial grade, so they are made to last.

You’ll find that Outdoor Lighting’s string lights are of a higher quality and are more durable than the ones you find at local retailers. The lights are designed for year-round use, so your installation doesn’t have to be a temporary one.

Outdoor Lighting String Lighting

So you have a vision for what your venue could look like with the addition of string lights. The team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help bring that vision to life.

We offer nighttime lighting demonstrations, letting you see what your lighting will look like before the installation is complete. Our designers will work with you throughout the design process to create a comprehensive plan for your lighting. If any adjustments need to be made, we’ll make them.

Get ready for a gorgeous season of outdoor parties and events and contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to create a custom lighting look for your business. Don’t forget: along with excellent customer service and a creative mind for design, you will also receive one free year of maintenance with every new lighting installation!

Get Your Patio Ready for Spring with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Get Your Patio Ready for Spring with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Patios tend to be as unique as their owners: but whether you have a tiny screened-in area that barely has room for a chair or an elaborate and inviting outdoor space, you can enhance your enjoyment of your patio area by bringing attractive lighting into the mix. 

Now more than ever, people in the Houston area are choosing to spend their relaxation time outside, and stunning lighting fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will ensure that you get the full enjoyment from your space without spending a fortune. 

Spring Forward

Spring is a terrific time to start some small home improvement projects. That way, when summertime rolls around, you can simply sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. 

If you have steps in the outside area around your home, you know that they can be a danger in the evening or when the lighting isn’t ideal in the area. Step lights are a fresh new trend for outdoor lighting and one that adds a strong safety element to your patio and is spot-on when it comes to style. 

To keep the lighting understated, you might also want to put low-voltage lights under benches and along walkways so you are providing a warm glow without creating a glare that may break up your enjoyment of the space. 

Create a Focal Point

When you have a dramatic and beautiful tree in your yard, or possibly a fountain or statue, you want to be sure that your enjoyment of the focal piece of your yard doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Consider a small spotlight that could help illuminate the yard as well as light up your favorite conversation starter. 

Create a focal point with a spotlight.

Ancient trees can have fascinating and beautiful branches that make a fun hidey-hole for creative lighting options. If you have recently added some stunning landscaping to your yard, you might want to add some smaller, warmer lights to pull out dramatic flowers or plants. 

Entertain with Ease

Having a pool in your backyard can mean that your home is the most popular in the neighborhood, but you shouldn’t be required to stop the party after dark! Keep the good times going when you get creative with your pool lighting

While LEDs are always a popular choice and can come in a variety of different color options, fiber optic lighting is gaining popularity as it can create an effect similar to the starry nights that you enjoyed looking at as a child. 

Creating a different ambiance in your backyard can be as simple as defining a new look for your lighting, and nowhere in Houston is that simpler than with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Every installation comes with one free year of maintenance and trouble-free enjoyment of your new lighting. Give us a call today 281-672-8943 to get started on your new backyard oasis!  

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.